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  • …if your looking for a no bull trainer and going in and getting results this is where to be… …if your looking for something else other than that..you may want to try another location..I have definitely got results in less than a month of training with Randy I feel confident, strong and healthy with his help. But with most everything you have to be truly serious in taking this plunge…Good Luck!
    Tasha Sanchez – Orlando
  • No I don’t work here. I’m not related to someone who works here. I’m an actual client who goes here and appreciates a small business that does things right. – The gym is immaculate, ALWAYS CLEAN. – All the trainers are real professionals. Not someone that just got a certification and is now a “personal trainer”; unlike at the big box gym down the street. – This is not a coddle you and tell you “you’re awesome” type gym. They will make you work out and help you reach your goals. They aren’t mean or unfriendly at all in fact I think they’re are quite funny actually. – As I’m reading these other reviews and I can understand that some people just want to walk on treadmills, use hula hoops and be pat on the head. Come if you are like me and want a great workout and great direction. – The owner knows his stuff. He’s a professional body builder. Granted I don’t want to be a body builder but I’d rather take advice from a pro. – All the other clients seem to be very like minded; a great group of fitness oriented people who want a great place to work out. Short story: Great gym, reasonable prices, awesome people.
    Aaron Davis – Orlando
  • I’ve been taking the TRX classes and Spinning, they are challenging and fun at the same time. The staff, are knowledgable and very nice at the same time. I feel great and can see the difference.
    Cynthia Linhares, Orlando FL
  • Like many of us in our middle ages, I one day woke up and and figured out that all that sitting around and doing nothing but drinking beer and feasting on pizza was, perhaps, why I turned into a blimp and was so out of shape. I managed to turn around my diet – but I needed some help with the physical stuff. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it right without getting hurt, wasting my time – or looking foolish. ] I visited a few fitness facilities and met a few “trainers” – but none we hitting home with me until I met Randy and his fine team at Signature Fitness. Randy and I discussed my goals and I quickly learned that SF is a place that is serious about helping you along your personal journey to optimal wellness. SF is helping me learn what I have to do, both physically and mentally, to meet my goals. I’m learning how to exercise smartly and safely – in a way which is customized to my ability. I’m being challenged far enough outside my comfort zone to improve – but not so far as to fail and make me feel incompetent. I’m not being yelled at – nor am I being coddled. SF isn’t a social hangout – if you want that sort of fitness studio, then look around the corner. Though they have a strong compliment of aerobic equipment, you aren’t going to see rows and rows of elliptical with TV screens. You will find a well equipped facility with various weight machines, free weights, functional training devices and an impressive TRX center. I’d say that Signature Fitness would be ideal for anyone who is serious about a personalized approach to meeting their fitness goals – be them performance athletes – or out of shape “50 somethings”.
    Bill B – Orlando
  • Amazing trainers. If you want a serious workout this is the gym for you.
    Olivia, Orlando, FL
  • Awesome workout experience. Randy and Matt know how to keep the group workout sessions challanging and never use the same routine over and over like most other places. The equipment is always working and kept very very clean. The Saturday morning Boot camp class is a butt kicker but after a few weeks you will feel like you can do anything and discover that you can push yourself much further than you ever thought possible. The TRX classes are 30 minutes but its a non stop challange that will get your attention. It’s nice to get a full body workout in 30 minutes and feel great for the rest of the day. It’s changed my whole out look on life. If your ready to commit Randy and Matt can show you the way.
    Wayne, Orlando FL
  • Unlike most personal trainers, Randy and Kelli are both passionate, experienced and genuinely care about making sure you get a great workout that’s never the same. I highly recommend Signature Fitness to anyone looking for a great workout and personal training!”
    Rich, Orlando FL
  • I take advantage of the TRX classes and it is an awesome workout. The staff does a great job of switching things up so it never gets mundane or boring. They also do a great job of motivating you to come in and work hard. They have a number of classes available so for those of us with busy work schedules it is pretty convenient. They also offer personal training sessions as well. I definitely recommend coming in and giving it a try.
    Ryan Woods – Orlando
  • If you are growing pretty bored with your workouts at one of the big box gyms, like I was, you owe it to yourself to stop by Signature Fitness and take one of their free introductory classes. It was, without a doubt, the best decision I made in taking my fitness routine to the next level. First, the gym is spotless. It’s always clean. The equipment is first class, from TRX, free weights, machines, kettle bells, spinn bikes, etc…you name it, they have it. Randy, Matt and Charles are the trainers and are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet in a gym. Not only that, but they care. They care about their clients and their clients’ goals and they will get you in the best shape of your life.
    Fernando P – Orlando